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Judy Mabee Award Nomination Form


This award will honour and recognize an Educational Resource Facilitator of Peel (ERFP) member who demonstrates leadership and dedication.


All Teaching Assistants (TA) and Early Childhood Educators (DECE) working for the board for at least five years.


A nominee for this award will have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • motivates, inspires, and is a positive role model/mentor for both members and students
  • takes initiative and has a high level of commitment to succeed
  • actively advocates for the rights and success of all members and students
  • sets a high standard of integrity by leading through example while maintainingprofessional and personal standards
  • communicates in a manner which is always fair, honourable, respectful and positive
  • displays strong interpersonal skills.


The nomination form must be completed and submitted to the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee and two current executive members will consider the nominees and choose the recipient. The Award will be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.

Please provide specific, detailed examples to support the nomination information.

All nominations must be received by the last Friday on September 28, 2018.

The Judy Mabee Award is presented annually to a member who has demonstrated the following attributes: (minimum 100 words, maximum 250 words).

1. Please provide information and examples of how the nominee motivates, inspires and is apositive role model and mentor for both members and students.

2. How does this nominee take initiative and show a high level of commitment to succeed?

3. How does this nominee actively advocate for the rights and success of all members andstudents?

4. Please share examples of how this nominee sets a high level of integrity by leading throughexample while maintaining professional and personal standards.

5. How does this nominee communicate in a manner that is always fair, honourable, respectful andpositive?

6. Share how this nominee displays strong interpersonal skills.